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Why Should I Sip on Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) Between Meals?

Sipping on BCAA’s between your meals will ensure that your body stays in an fat burning state. Branched-chain amino acids cannot be created by your body. They are what your muscle tissue is made of and keeping them circulating in your bloodstream between meals will insure preservation of your muscle tissue.

It is especially important for seniors to supplement with BCAA’s because as we get older it becomes easier for our muscles tissue to break down and BCAA’S are an excellent supplement to maintain muscular integrity. They are either instatized or micro-encapsulated in order to help the aminos bypass your digestive system by seeping through your stomach lining enabling absorption directly into your bloodstream. It is essentially the closest thing to an IV without actually having an IV.

What if I Only Want Certain Supplements in My Plan?

Throughout coaching, training, we have discovered that there are typically three problems people have that are the reasons as to why they want to take the least amount of supplements as possible. Number one is because of a desire to not want to become dependent on them, number two is because they don’t want to spend the money to maintain them, and number three is because they haven’t experienced good results because of either not taking them correctly or flat out buying and using a poor quality supplements that just don’t work.

We understand that supplements can be costly. We have spent countless hours trying new consumption strategies, trading secrets with other pro’s and trainers, spending tens of thousands of dollars researching and experimenting with just about every all natural supplement you can imagine in order to arrive at your customized, professional, concise, no-nonsense recommendation. That’s why professional advice by experts who truly know from results themselves, is so valuable because learning from our experience saves you time and money that you would otherwise shell out trying every supplement in order to find the ones that work or worse off not benefiting from supplements at all. Since your expert recommendation includes only the highest quality supplements that will provide you with the nutrition your body needs, you will in most cases, actually save money replacing unhealthy expensive food that you might ordinarily eat with super nutrient rich supplements instead.

What Are My Pre, Intra, and Post Training Supplements and What Are They Designed to Do?

We at Apex Human recommend that you take pre-workout before, BCAA’s during, and protein after your workouts.

Many people underestimate the impact of good pre, intra, and post workout formulas can have on the quality of their workout, accelerated fat burning, and muscle building results they can achieved. Our philosophy is if you’re going to do anything you should do it 100%. The increase in your energy and pump with the right pre, intra, and post workout supplements provide can make a tremendous difference during your workouts and overall results. All natural nutrition technology has reached a point where the gains made during your exercise can far exceed what used to be possible if you know what supplements to take and how to take them correctly.

Legal Disclaimer

The aim of is to provide timely accurate information on nutrition, diet, supplements, and exercise for health professionals, athletes, and the public. The contents of your customized diet plan are not intended to offer personal medical advice. You should always consult your personal physician or other qualified health providers before starting any new exercise, supplement, or diet plan and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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